Massively improve customer satisfaction

Amazon Test shows that a mere increase of 0.1 seconds in loading time leads to a 1% reduction in turnover. With MyraCache, you can improve customer satisfaction and significantly increase revenue from your e-Commerce business.

Huge increase in speed


Page loading time increased by a factor of up to 100 (HTML only)

Ǿ 2 s total loading time for HTML

Ǿ 0.05 s loading time for HTML



Ǿ 8 s total loading time per page

Ǿ 5.5 s loading time per page

Reduce hosting costs

Because MyraCache handles up to 95% of Magento requests, your existing infrastructure will support more visitors than it can now. With MyraCache, your business can grow without additional costs for hosting, hardware or licenses.

Increase turnover / conversion

Defections and slow or unreachable servers mean direct losses in sales. With MyraCache, you will be able to sustain even huge spikes in customer interest generated by TV ads or e.g. Groupon traffic.

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MyraCache FAQ


MyraCache in detail

Enhance Magento® performance by relying on the highly available MyraCache Cloud. MyraCache is a fragment-based caching system for extreme performance. MyraCache is prepared for almost any peak of customers with a capacity of currently 50,000 pages per second. This ensures that your e-Commerce platform will serve your customers even during times of great demand. MyraCache is the sustainable solution for Magento®.

When visiting a MyraCache-based web shop, up to 95% of pages will be generated by MyraCache. Checkout and other dynamic aspects of the shop will continue to be handled by Magento® itself. This allows you to maintain full control over customer data.

The difference in our approach: While Magento® produces 10-20 pages per second on standard hardware, a single MyraCache server generates more than 5,000 pages per second. Dynamic aspects as the shopping basket and comparison lists are maintained even at high-performance in contrast to most Magento® cache solutions.

This means that with a constantly low response time of 50ms, you can serve 10 to 100 times as many customers without expensive hardware or more licenses. In most cases no changes to the Magento® system will be necessary. You can evaluate MyraCache without any risk.

Rely on MyraCache to expand your e-Commerce presence and leap ahead of your competitors.


Try it now!

See the difference for yourself. We have made the Magento® demo shop with and without MyraCache available for you:

Magento® demo shop with MyraCache

Magento® demo shop standard

Which of these two shops would you rather use? If you are interested, we will gladly make a test instance available for you.

We can also speed up your shop. For a demonstration, simply contact us and send us the URL of the respective Magento® shop (

Do you have general questions or specific requirements? Please use our contact form or give us a call at +49 89 7540 8830. We look forward to hearing from you.


Overview of prices and services

You can find out more about our current MyraCache editions and offers in our service overview.

Do you have more questions? We look forward to hearing from you.


Additional options

MyraCache can optionally also take on the delivery of your media files (images, CSS, Javascript, etc.). This eliminates the necessity to use a separate service provider for static content. We can provide very attractive offers that are optimally tailored to your requirements.


Maternity, children’s and baby clothes.

Brand shop Burlington from the Falke group.

Buy favourable used cars online.

The most innovative online shoe portal for ladies‘ shoes has chosen MyraCache.

Exclusive stockings, underwear, clothing.

Chair mats, door mats and floor mats.

Slippers, rubber boots and shoes.

The portal for the world of bathroom.


We will gladly provide additional references on request.



Martina Kadenbach, Lead Online Sales (bellybutton International GmbH): “Thanks to MyraCache we could significantly boost the stability and speed of our site. Of course, this has an impact on CVR and turnover. MyraCache enables fast online-growth with low capital commitment.”

Simon Piontek, Managing Director (Handy24 GmbH): “With MyraCache, SOPRADO offers an optimal performance solution for a seamless integration into existing infrastructures. MyraCache is a must for every serious Magento® user.”


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